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But, really, this is an inefficient way of adding Choice objects to the system. It’d be better if you could add a bunch of Choices directly when you create the Question object. Let’s make that happen.

Remove the register() call for the Choice model. Then, edit the Question registration code to read:


This tells Django: “ Choice objects are edited on the Question admin page. By default, provide enough fields for 3 choices.”

Load the “Add question” page to see how that looks:

It works like this: There are three slots for related Choices – as specified by extra – and each time you come back to the “Change” page for an already-created object, you get another three extra slots.

At the end of the three current slots you will find an “Add another Choice” link. If you click on it, a new slot will be added. If you want to remove the added slot, you can click on the X to the top right of the added slot. Note that you can’t remove the original three slots. This image shows an added slot:

One small problem, though. It takes a lot of screen space to display all the fields for entering related Choice objects. For that reason, Django offers a tabular way of displaying inline related objects; you just need to change the ChoiceInline declaration to read:


With that TabularInline (instead of StackedInline ), the related objects are displayed in a more compact, table-based format:

Note that there is an extra “Delete?” column that allows removing rows added using the “Add Another Choice” button and rows that have already been saved.

Now that the Question admin page is looking good, let’s make some tweaks to the “change list” page – the one that displays all the questions in the system.

Here’s what it looks like at this point:

By default, Django displays the str() of each object. But sometimes it’d be more helpful if we could display individual fields. To do that, use the Outlet Amazing Price Mens Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoes Mizuno Cut-Price Sale Cheapest Price Cheap Collections mbe1DU
admin option, which is a tuple of field names to display, as columns, on the change list page for the object:


Just for good measure, let’s also include the was_published_recently() method from Willa Bow leather ballerinas Marc Jacobs Discount Wholesale LYkar2NCVy


Now the question change list page looks like this:

You can click on the column headers to sort by those values – except in the case of the was_published_recently header, because sorting by the output of an arbitrary method is not supported. Also note that the column header for was_published_recently is, by default, the name of the method (with underscores replaced with spaces), and that each line contains the string representation of the output.

Make the customer the hero .

Make the customer the hero

And your audience will pay attention.Value is not negotiable in today’s hyper-competitive information landscape.

The next challenge to consider is volume. In today’s digital, social, mobile world, we are always-on and always connected.

We don’t wait for news or interesting stories. We filter out what is not relevant to us and we tune in to the sources that provide a consistent experience, in the channels we use, with the formats we like, with content we want to read and share.

My advice to brands is to start with a volume goal , such as “publish one piece of content every day for each major topic.”

start with a volume goal

And then figure out how to achieve that goal in a quality way and with the budget you have.

in a quality way

And look for technology that can help with workflow approvals and editorial guidelines.

The other piece of the puzzle is variety. Once you have determined how to produce valuable content on a consistent basis, it’s time to start mixing it up .

start mixing it up

Text-based articles are the foundation of almost every content marketing program. Your audience is looking for information. And your brand can be the source of it.

But we are seeing an explosion of visual content. Videos on YouTube. Presentations on slideshare. Infographics. And images, images everywhere on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and more.

In order to break through the noise, the successful content marketing program will have a plan for creating v isual and longer form content . And some adventurous brands are even moving beyond informational content into entertainment and comedy to add variety and drive loyalty with their audience.

isual and longer form content entertainment and comedy

Once a business has considered the volume, variety and value of the content it publishes, paid media can be deployed on the best content that people want to read and share vs. the ads that no one wants.

And your brand can begin the process of breaking through the noise on a consistent basis.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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process 1

1 A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

procedure , operation, action, activity, exercise, affair, business, job, task, undertaking, proceeding
method , procedure, system, technique, means, practice, way, approach

2 Law A summons or writ requiring a person to appear in court.

summons , writ, subpoena

3 Biology Anatomy A natural appendage or outgrowth on or in an organism, such as a protuberance on a bone.

1 Perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on (something) in order to change or preserve it.

deal with , attend to, see to, sort out, handle, take care of, action, organize, manage

be in the process of doing something

Be continuing with an action already started.

in the course of , in the middle of, in the midst of

in the process

As an unintended part of a course of action.

in process of time

As time goes on.

course , advance, progress, progression, unfolding, evolution

Middle English: from Old French proces, from Latin processus ‘progression, course’, from the verb procedere (see proceed). Current senses of the verb date from the late 19th century.




Main definitions of in English

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no object, with adverbial of direction Walk or march in procession.

Early 19th century: back-formation from procession.



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